What Dry Weather Plants Are a Good Choice for North Texas?

Dry Weather Plants

North Texas is a fascinating place when it comes to weather. We can get intense thunderstorms, bracing snowstorms, and 100+ degree temperatures. Our extreme weather means that some species of plant life are not suited for our area. This is especially true in the summer when dry conditions often leave our communities in a drought. How is a homeowner or business owner supposed to create a beautiful garden in North Texas conditions? Mother nature is the answer.

There are many varieties of plants, both native and exotic, that have adapted to dry, harsh environments. These wonderful shrubs, trees, perennials, and flowers need less maintenance and less water than other plant varieties.

So, what plants can hold their own against the harsh North Texas climate? The experts here at Marlin Landscape have a list of botanicals that may be just right for your landscaping project.

North Texas Dry Weather Plants


This lovely flower is native to east and southeast regions of Texas. It has a beautiful color reminiscent of the daisy and attracts butterflies. This flower does well in both sun and partial shade and will produce more blooms after spent flowers are pruned away.


These beautiful flowers come in a rainbow of colors. You can find yellow, pink, orange, and lavender varieties that you can plant in containers or out in the garden bed. This plant is known to attract birds and butterflies and it is popular for its heat and drought resistance.


Several varieties of sage can thrive here in North Texas such as:

  • Autumn sage – blooms in red, white and other colors.
  • Texas sage – blooms purple when the humidity rises after a dry spell.

These bushes enjoy full sun, though their leaves can sunburn, so placement in partial shade doesn’t hurt. Sage is also rabbit and deer resistant while attracting several types of hummingbirds. Keep these bushes pruned, especially after the year’s first freeze.


Also known as “heavenly bamboo,” this shrub not only withstands drought conditions, it flowers in the fall. A native of East Asia, this plant grows beautiful foliage that can range in color from green to yellow to red. Best of all, this shrub is evergreen, which means its foliage grows dense and year-round. Just be sure to protect the Nandina when longer spells of intense cold weather hits.

Glossy Abelia

If you like “Die Hard,” you’ll love this shrub. In the summer and fall, it produces fragrant, tiny pink flowers that attract butterflies and other pollinators. However, when harsh weather, dry conditions or wind hits, it will continue to thrive. Some say you can plant it and forget it because of how hardy glossy abelia is. This evergreen is good for foundational planting and it also makes a good hedge.

Gulf Muhly

This native Texas perennial grass will make your garden look like it is made of pink purplish clouds. Drought tolerant, low maintenance, and resistant to disease and pests, this ornamental grass can liven up the flowerbed.

Red Yucca

This plant stays green year-round and is not actually a yucca. It is a member of the Century-Plant family and hails from the Chihuahuan desert in Southwest Texas. Due to its adaptations to desert climates, it can weather drought and heat like a champ, and it can even be considered crazy low maintenance. However, a little bit of fertilizer in the spring may actually encourage its beautiful red blossoms in the summer. Those blooms can also attract hummingbirds.

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