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Professional Chemical Treatment Services for Lawns in the Dallas Area

DFW homeowners must constantly fight against Mother Nature to have a perfect lawn. Our long summers with scorching heat and little rainfall spell disaster for grass, trees, bushes, flower beds, and gardens. These conditions are made worse by water restrictions, which come earlier and last longer each passing year. It seems the only things that grow easily during these months are weeds and pest populations. 

Lackluster lawns, infested by weeds and pests, make even the most luxurious homes look ordinary and unappealing. That’s why Marlin Landscape offers customers effective chemical solutions that help keep lawns vibrant, healthy, and free of unwanted insect activity. 

At Marlin Landscape, we know that no two lawns are the same, which is why we tailor our chemical solutions to fit the particular needs of your lawn.

Our customers typically request the following chemical treatments: 

  • Lawn fertilization
  • Weed control
  • Disease control
  • Deep root fertilization for trees and shrubs
  • Pest defense
  • Plant protection

If the lawn treatment you need isn’t listed, it doesn’t mean we don’t offer it. For reliable Dallas lawn treatment services, reach out by messaging us or calling (214) 935-3960.

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Popular Chemical Treatments for Dallas Lawns

Lawn Fertilization, Disease Prevention, and Weed Control

Each season represents a new challenge for North Texas lawns. For example, the cooler temperatures of the late winter and early spring months are conducive to weed growth, especially thick and stubborn weeds like chickweed and other broadleaf weeds. Later in spring, crabgrass and other grassy weeds spread rapidly across lawns. When summer arrives in full swing, lawns need to be prepared for hot weather and droughts. 

As full-service landscapers, we offer year-round fertilization, disease prevention, and weed control treatments to keep your landscape healthy throughout the year. During the early spring months, we treat lawns with pre-emergent solutions to prevent weeds from germinating. Because these weeds are stubborn, we return later in spring to fertilize the lawn and treat any areas showing signs of weed growth. During the hot summer months, we treat lawns with biological fertilizers designed to strengthen the roots of your grass, prevent heat stress, and promote water retention. We adjust our weed control and fertilization program as winter turns to fall and apply seasonal fertilizers and pre-treat your lawn against weeds that thrive in cooler temperatures. Finally, anytime we see signs of a diseased lawn, which can occur at various points throughout the year, we treat it with the most effective biological fungicides. 

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Enhance Your Dallas Landscape with Deep Root Fertilization

Although most trees and shrubs are quite durable, they still need proper nutrients to encourage growth and ensure beautiful foliage. Signs of nutrient deficiencies include slow and spotty growth, leaf discoloration, wilted or shriveled leaves, and defoliation. These signs can vary drastically depending on the type of tree you have and its specific deficiency. 

Our deep root fertilization experts will assess your trees, shrubs, and the surrounding soil to design a fertilizer blend to treat specific nutritional deficiencies. We’ll inject this formula deep into the soil surrounding the roots using high-pressure professional equipment, making it easy for your tree and shrubs to steadily absorb the nutrients it’s lacking. 

Pest Defense 

Pest populations like to make themselves at home in well-maintained lawns. That’s why it’s important to regularly treat your lawn with insecticides during the warmer months to prevent insects from feeding on your beautiful plants and to prevent unwanted ant populations from ruining an otherwise inviting backyard. In addition, even though the winter months can sometimes kill pests, many insect populations quickly recover by preemptively laying their eggs in enclosed areas before the coldest weather arrives so they can hatch as soon as temperatures begin to warm. 

We offer seasonal pest services to prevent insects from making themselves comfortable in your outdoor spaces. During warmer weather, we use professional-grade organic insecticides, including Essentria, that kill pests and protect your plants from infestation. During the cooler months, we use a non-toxic petroleum-based oil product, called dormant oil, that destroys hidden insect populations before they hatch. 

Plant Protection

Lawns and plants need to be protected against pest infestation and severe weather. This is especially the case with the severe winter storms and harsh summers we’ve experienced lately. Marlin Landscape can help you prepare your lawn, trees, and other plants for severe weather by adjusting your irrigation systems, wrapping vulnerable plants, and treating your lawn to deter insect activity and protect it from damage. 

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A beautiful lawn that your family and friends can enjoy requires so much more than regular watering and mowing. That’s why we offer chemical treatments that help protect your lawn no matter the season. When you choose Marlin Landscape, you’re choosing full-service landscapers with decades of experience right here in North Texas. 

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