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If you’ve put a ton of effort into having an exquisite landscape, but it just won’t stay vibrant and healthy, it might not be getting enough water. Inefficient watering is one of the simplest and most common ways Texas homeowners limit the potential beauty of their lawns, flowerbeds, and gardens. Our licensed irrigation experts at Marlin Landscape design and install outdoor irrigation systems that take care of the watering for you. Each irrigation system we install is designed specifically for our customers’ outdoor areas. We’ll make sure every inch of your landscape, from your lawn to your garden, receives the water it needs to grow healthy and evenly. 

We also maintain, adjust, and repair existing irrigation systems. Our seasonal maintenance services protect your irrigation equipment from winter freezes and ensure optimal watering each spring and summer. In addition, if you see large patches of dead or yellow grass, or if notice a sprinkler leaking or spraying water where it shouldn’t, you can call us. We’ll quickly send out an irrigation expert to get your system working as intended. 

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7 Signs that you need a Sprinkler System Repair

Here are seven signs that indicate you may need a sprinkler system repair:

  1. Uneven Watering: If you notice patches of your lawn that are excessively dry or overly saturated compared to the rest, it could be a sign of malfunctioning sprinkler heads or a problem with water pressure regulation.
  2. Low Water Pressure: If your sprinkler system's water pressure seems weak or inconsistent, it may indicate a blockage in the pipes, a leak, or a malfunctioning valve.
  3. Water Pooling: Excessive pooling of water in certain areas of your lawn or around sprinkler heads could signal leaks or broken components in the system.
  4. Sputtering Sprinkler Heads: If your sprinkler heads are sputtering or producing irregular water flow, it could indicate clogs, damage, or wear and tear that requires attention.
  5. Visible Damage: Any visible damage to sprinkler heads, pipes, or other components, such as cracks, breaks, or missing parts, should be addressed promptly to prevent further deterioration and water waste.
  6. Increased Water Bills: A sudden increase in your water bills without a corresponding increase in water usage elsewhere in your household could indicate a leak or inefficiency in your sprinkler system.
  7. Inconsistent Timer Functionality: If your sprinkler system's timer is not working correctly, leading to irregular watering schedules or failure to turn off, it may require repair or reprogramming.

Regular maintenance and inspection can help catch these issues early, preventing more significant problems and conserving water and money in the long run.

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Dallas Sprinkler Services

Sprinkler Installation, Repair & Maintenance

Before we install your new sprinkler system, our experts perform a meticulous walkthrough of your entire outside property to assess your landscape’s features (gardens, flowerbeds, etc.), measure your lawn’s various levels of sun exposure, check for changes in elevation, and mark optimal sprinkler locations. Based on what we find in our walkthrough, we’ll carefully route sprinkler pipes and tubing throughout your lawn, flowerbeds, and gardens, and we’ll create several distinct watering zones that account for the specific watering needs of each unique area of your property. 

Our systems are efficient and intelligent. Each watering zone will be programmed into your irrigation system, allowing it to provide just the right amount of water to each area of your lawn based on sun exposure and coverage limitations. These systems automatically adapt to changes in the weather and seasons, so you don’t have to worry about turning them off when it rains or adjusting for scorching temperatures. You just need to set your watering schedule or let us do it for you. These automated features make it easy to have a thick and lush lawn, and they do it without wasting water. 

Routine and Seasonal Sprinkler Maintenance 

Our irrigation experts can help you identify deficiencies in your existing sprinkler system’s operation and adjust your settings or reconfigure individual sprinklers if needed. Our seasonal maintenance services include sprinkler winterization and spring activation. Sprinkler winterization involves shutting down your system each winter, draining it, and protecting it against deep freezes that could otherwise cause your sprinkler pipes to burst. In the spring, we reactivate your system, check for winter damages, and make sure everything is properly adjusted for warmer weather. 

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Sprinkler Repairs

Give us a call if you notice a sprinkler head wasting water, staying up too long, or not rising, or if you start to see yellow patches of grass that are otherwise unexplainable. These signs indicate your irrigation system is not working to its maximum potential. Whatever your problem, our licensed irrigation technicians can help you identify the cause and quickly fix the issue before it causes further damage to your landscape. 

North Texas Irrigation Experts

Marlin Landscape is a full-service landscape contractor who offers everything you need to maintain luxurious and stunning landscapes all year. When you partner with us for your irrigation or landscaping needs, you are relying on one of the best and most experienced high-end landscaping companies in North Texas. We service Highland Park, University Park, Preston Hollow, and the surrounding communities. 

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