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Landscape Enhancements in Dallas

Although we offer hardscape design and landscape construction services, as well as regular landscape maintenance, sometimes all you need to have a perfect landscape is a minor change that has a dramatic effect, like adding annual flowers, incorporating a lawn design, or installing a seasonal display. Services such as these, which fall outside of your typical maintenance schedule but do not require extensive construction, are considered “enhancements.” Enhancements have the potential to transform your landscape, without needing to undergo a remodel. 

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Popular Landscape Enhancements

Our enhancement services include: 

  • Installing sod
  • Planting seasonal flowers and ornamentals
  • Installing seasonal and occasional displays (e.g., pumpkin displays, potted holiday flower arrangements)
  • Building living and green walls (e.g., succulent, artificial)
  • Crafting intricate plant-covered trellises and lattices
  • Masking or disguising unattractive equipment (e.g., cisterns, piping)
  • Landscape layering
  • Installing steel and raised planters
  • Filling beds with gravel, mulch, or soil blends
  • Installing gravel and stone pathways
  • Installing potting arrangements 
  • Removing or transplanting trees

Maintenance & Standalone Enhancement Services

Minimal versions of some of these services may be included in our regular maintenance package, but we also offer them as standalone enhancements for our customers who want to make a small but effective change to their property’s exterior. For example, adding and layering seasonal plants in a flowerbed is an elegant way to decorate your home for the season and give it a burst of color to grab the attention of anyone who passes by. These plants, such as dry weather plants planted in summer, also thrive in the typical weather conditions of the specific season, so you don’t have to worry about fighting Mother Nature. The best part is you can provide as much or as little input as you want; our experts know exactly what to plant and when. 

Seasonal displays and potting arrangements are other ways to capture people’s attention. These can be installed around gates, pathways, and entrances to your property to welcome guests as they approach your home. Stylized potting arrangements, as well as ornamental grasses, can also be installed around your pool to seamlessly transition from the surrounding landscape and complement your home’s architecture. As for seasonal displays, we are particularly well known for our elaborate fall pumpkin displays, which are crafted by one of Marlin Landscape’s experienced landscape artists and feature pumpkins of various sizes, distinctly colored gourds, and seasonal plants. 

Other popular enhancements include landscape lighting and tree transplants (or tree relocation). If a beautiful tree has overgrown and is now too close to your home, you don’t always have to cut it down or remove it entirely. Lighting is an effective way to showcase your landscape in the evening and improve the security and walkability of your home’s exterior. We offer recommendations on landscape lighting, but we generally rely on and supervise our trusted partner companies for extensive designs and installations. 

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Landscape Enhancement Specialists in Highland Park, University Park, and Preston Hollow

Whether you have a specific project in mind or want our suggestions, Marlin Landscape can help you transform your home’s exterior. With decades of experience providing high-end and custom landscaping services to communities throughout DFW, our Dallas property enhancement specialists know just what to do to make your landscape dream a reality. 

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    It takes commitment and expertise to help homeowners design, build, and maintain the landscape of their dreams. Our team has both and it’s what has helped us build lasting relationships with our clients.

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    When you work with our design team you’ll receive beautiful design work brought to life by best-in-class landscape designers and software.

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    We take pride in our ability to offer custom and creative solutions to meet our client’s needs.

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    At Marlin Landscape, our aligned company vision, mission and core values help us build lasting relationships with our clients.

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