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Cabling & Bracing Service in Dallas

At Marlin Landscape, our goal is to maximize the value and safety of your trees. If a tree (or multiple trees) on your property requires supplemental support, our professionals provide expert cabling and bracing services to help.

Why Would a Tree Need Cables or Braces?

Trees may require supplemental support due to fast growth, poor pruning practices, and storm damage. Some trees even need cabling and/or bracing because of their natural growth form and their propensity for poor structure when grown in the open. 

No matter the reason, when a tree’s physical structure cannot support its own growth, it increases the risk of partial or whole tree failure. Given the right circumstances, a tree of any size and health can fail, even those without a structural defect. Our team’s experienced ISA-certified arborists can assess your trees and determine if cabling and bracing are appropriate recommendations. 

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The Benefits of Cabling & Bracing

Bracing and cabling systems hold the potential to save aged or damaged trees that might otherwise face removal, keeping the aesthetic and ecological appeal of your landscape intact. 

Bracing and cabling systems also considerably mitigate the risk of tree failure during harsh weather conditions. The reinforcement of frail or compromised branches equips the trees to bear the burden of strong winds, torrential rain, and heavy snow. This protection extends not only to the tree itself but also to your property, shielding it from potential damage from falling branches or uprooted trees. 

It is important to note that while cabling and bracing provide supplemental support, these systems do not guarantee a tree will never fail. Additionally, cables and braces are not a set-it-and-forget-it method of tree care and should be inspected on a regular basis to ensure proper support. 

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If you have trees on your property that could benefit from added support, consider reaching out to our team at Marlin Landscape. We're here to help assess your trees' needs and propose suitable cabling and bracing solutions. Our team is skilled in the installation, inspection, and replacement of these systems—always prioritizing the health and safety of your trees. 

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