What Summer Maintenance Tips Will Help Keep My Lawn Green?

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Summer is here, and you know what that means. It’s time for summer activities like barbecues, parties, and summer sports. That means you want a lush and green yard that will not only look good but stand up to summertime abuse. But how are you supposed to maintain a healthy lawn in the intense Texas summer heat? That’s when our Dallas, TX landscaping services shine.

Marlin Landscape has the summer lawn maintenance solutions you need for a healthy green lawn. Here are a few tips from our experts that may help you maintain an excellent lawn this summer.

Summer Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Tips


When the Texas summer strikes, it not only gets hot, it often gets dry. This means how you water your lawn is just as important as fertilizing and properly mowing. You need to check your irrigation times to make sure you are watering your lawn at the right time of day. This is usually early in the morning when the heat has not quite set in, and water is slow to evaporate. This is especially important if your area enacts water restrictions due to drought. If you do have to observe water restrictions, pay attention to your watering times and hand water any sensitive plants.


Usually applied in late spring/early summer, fertilization is a key element in maintaining a healthy lawn. That being said, you must not over-fertilize or else you run the risk of causing brown spots in your grass. Do you have Azaleas? Summer may be a good time for cutbacks and fertilization. Fertilizing Azaleas at this time of the year should last through the summer and into fall.

Pest Control

Look out for beetles. Not only do they feed on your grass, they are also a sign of problems later in the season. In midsummer, Japanese beetles, chafers, and June bugs start laying eggs. These eggs hatch into grubs that feed off your lawn’s root system. Even before summer has started, our lawn experts have already started seeing the patchy results from these pests. You must use special insecticides to eliminate these pests.

Landscape Maintenance

Putting in the work will go a long way to making sure you have the best lawn for the summer. Amend your soil and mulch if those tasks need doing. Sharpen your lawnmower blade and raise your cutting height by a couple of inches. Taller grass shades your soil, which retains moisture and prevents weed seed from sprouting. Remember to change out your seasonal colors to add that dash of vibrance to your landscaping. Do you have artificial turf? Now is the time to brush it out. Remember, we recommend quarterly turf brushings to make sure the bristles stay straight. This is especially true in high-traffic areas. If you have a St. Augustine lawn, remember your brown spot prevention routine towards the end of summer.

Is That a Lot To Remember? We Are Here to Help

Maintaining a yard during the summer can have a lot of steps. If you are afraid you may miss a few of these steps, then our last tip may be our best. Enlist the help of lawn care and landscaping professionals. Marlin Landscape is a full-service company. We know the fertilization schedules, watering methods, and landscape maintenance best practices to keep your yard beautiful. Fill out our contact form today or give us a call at (214) 935-3960.

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