Marlin landscape

Combining a designer’s expertise with professional installation, Marlin Landscape Systems is able to reflect your achievements, tastes and style with a transformation of the exterior of your home. Investing in your personal landscape creates an extension of your home and increases your property value.

Each home has the capability of having a custom design to specifically complement and enhance your environment. Marlin is also able to perform the installation of your current architectural draw up. Watch as a unique landscape takes shape in the hands of Marlin Landscape Systems.


Our Leadership

Chris Bordano | Principal & Owner – Graduate of SMU:

Chris had a vision, developed the plan, brought the right people together at the right time and launched Marlin Landscape Systems. Through his hard work and continued dedication to “be the best”, Chris has set the example for all of us at Marlin to achieve our goals. Growth is his continued incentive and his fervor, intensity, diligence, and care guides all our paths.


Chase Schavrda | Principal & Owner – Graduate of SMU:

Chase’s “hands-on approach” is the perfect complement to help lead Marlin. His energy, fortitude, and conviction blend with his high standards to enable our successes. Chase instills respect for all individuals through valuing honest open communication, supporting individual development, and stressing the importance of client relations.